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  • Hole 17 - 487 Yards - Par 5

    Hole 17 is a sharp dog leg to the right, running basically in an eastward direction, so favoured by the prevailing wind. Work has now been completed on the introduction of three bunkers at the dog leg, and they came into play at the commencemnt of the 2015 season. Whilst it may be possible for the biggest of hitters to carry these, the safest line is to the left hand-side of the fairway. There are also trees all down the left, but they are not close in. The second shot is through a valley onto ground that rises significantly up to the elevated green. There is little run to be gained up the hill. Further bunker improvement has been undertaken to the right in the fairway in front of the green, where a new bunker has been constructed. There is also an additional bunker, green-side on the right behind an original bunker front right as well as a green-side bunker front left. which has recently been reshaped. This is a challenging golf hole and the tee shot is perhaps the most demanding on the course. If the corner is cut the ball lands on ground favouring the player bringing the green in range, but the second shot will have to carry virtually to the green to gain significant advantage. The view to the green is now much improved, but with nothing much at the back to give focus, there is the possiblity of overclubbing. Also, the orientation of the second shot with trees close in and relatively open ground to the left before the trees impinge, makes for difficult aiming of the shot. Most will play this hole as a genuine par 5 playing down the left from the tee, then left again, leaving a short iron to the green. The changes which have been undertaken should make this hole an even better par 5.

    Kind thanks to John Beaumont for allowing use of his course description
    a full account of the article can be seen at the link on the Herbert Fowler page

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