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  • Hole 8 - 346 Yards - Par 4

    Hole 8 is one of two major changes from Fowler’s original plan for the course. He envisaged four par three holes and this was going to be one. According to the plan, the tee was to be quite some distance on from the 7th green. However, it seems that things were revised and a par 4 was put in its place, to the same green, but from a tee back and to the right of the 7th green. The hole runs in the same direction as the previous hole and is uphill all the way. There is a stone wall marking the out of bounds for the first hundred yards or so. This is quite close in but provides no danger. After the end of the wall there is a line of trees further out on the right, also marking the out of bounds. This is also no particular threat. On the left of the fairway approximately 200 yards from the tee a new bunker has been installed and the player has to decide if this can be carried or play to the right. There is a further bunker to the right of the centre of the fairway. Although the drive is uphill, the prevailing wind is behind, so attention has to be paid to this bunker. The green is guarded by a bunker on the left and one on the right. The latter is closer in and makes it advisable to favor the left side of the fairway on the tee shot so as to get the best approach to the green. There is a lot of room on the right side of the fairway off the tee, but for the reason just stated this is not the best line. The approach to the green must not be too long, as this slightly elevated green is very close to the trees at the back. There is a significant rise at the front of the green, which slopes slightly up to the back for the rest of its course. This green used to be a real McKenzie green, in the sense of being two tiered, but it was altered in the 1960s.

    Kind thanks to John Beaumont for allowing use of his course description
    a full account of the article can be seen at the link on the Herbert Fowler page

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